Cirque Du Soul, Rock City, Nottingham

the Atmosphere at Rock City, Nottingham was electric with Danny Byrd and IC3 at Cirque du Soul. Experimented with shooting through a prism with mixed results.

Cirque Du Soul, Hidden, Manchester

First time shooting at Hidden, Manchester. Safe to say this is one of my new favourite venues!

Cirque Du Soul, Hangar 34, Liverpool

The Cirque du Soul tour hit up Hangar 34 for in Liverpool for an impressive show with headliners PBR Streetgang.

Robert Plant and Alice Phoebe Lou at The Hifi Club, Leeds

A last minute booking to shoot a surprise appearance of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and his new band supporting Alice Phoebe Lou at The Hifi Club, Leeds. Amazing sets from both groups and a packed venue! So privileged to have had a chance to see such an iconic musician in person.

Cirque Du Soul, The Mill, Birmingham

The first Cirque du Soul of 2019. Great atmosphere and crowd at The Mill.

Cirque Du Soul, Motion, Bristol

Our first time shooting at Motion which was a pretty special moment as this place was where I went to my first big night, long before I ever became a photographer.

Alley Pally, O2 Academy, Leeds

A crazy evening of student darts and debauchery. I still don’t quite know what was going on but it was fun to shoot!