January in the Highlands: Goodbye Knoydart

After an amazing 4 weeks in Knoydart it was time to go home to Leeds. The weather was grim and rainy on the boat 16:00 crossing back to Mallaig, however there was still some amazing snow coverage in Glen Coe

January in the Highlands: Knoydart Hide

Interior photography for a beautiful self catering getaway: The Knoydart Hide: www.knoydarthide.co.uk

January in the Highlands: The Shopping Trip

Although many things about life on the Knoydart Peninsula are quite ordinary the remoteness of the community becomes distinctly apparent when doing the grocery shopping. The nearest large supermarket is a boat ride and hour and a half drive away in Fort William: A full day trip when there are only two boat crossings a day (when the weather is good)

January in the Highlands: Milky Way over Gleann na Guiserein

After walking from Inverie over to Inverguseran I got a lift back with Ian and Will. The stars were so good we decided to turn round half way and head back to the farm house to grab a tripod! I took this shot looking East towards Sgurr Coire Choinnichean and Ladhar Beinn. The shot is a single 30 second exposure taken with a 15mm fish eye. The Land Rover lights were switched on for about 5 seconds and flood light 2 seconds.

January in the Highlands: Sunset on Sgurr Coire Choinnichean

Climbing Sgurr Coire Choinnichean, Knoydart with Lowell, Reece and Kyle for an amazing sunset.